Earth is where you live. It has got a history of billion years. Earth has seen many things though you don’t know much. It has got many things in common though you don’t take into your consideration. Here are 09 facts to think twice about the world you live.

It’s not flat

This is what we know from past. Earth has been rounding up for million years and people, the wisest living beings on it believed it was a flat object.  But, thing you need to know is, it is not a perfect rounded object as well. Melting of the icebergs in Antarctica keeps misshaping Earth continuously.

The length of a day is increasing

As you know, you have to stay for 24 hours to pass a day to the next day. What you don’t know is that the length of passing a day decreases by a short value. In the past, 4.6 billion years ago, a day was just 6 hours long. But, at present that length has decreased up to 24 hours. It has been found that the shortening length would be 1.7 millisecond per each century. The cause for this happening is the reduction of the spinning circle because of the moon’s effect.

Snowball Earth

This is such a theory you should stay aware of. Earth has been a cold object for a long time. The theory describes that there can be several periods from its origin when the Earth has stayed for a colder period as it is now. It is said that the temperature could have been less than -50C in snowball Earth. Scientists have discovered that there have been 04 such periods.

The driest place is near to a huge water body

Atacama Desert is considered as the driest place on Earth. What you don’t know about this place is that it has got a huge water body near it, the Pacific Ocean. There are some places in that desert where there has not been any sign of rain until a storm suddenly just shows up. This is one of the most visited places of NASA astro-biologists to find an origin of the life. They use to find the microorganisms who can live in such dry conditions.

Earth’s gravity is not uniform at all

You might think that gravitational force can be applied to every place on Earth as the same way you applied in Physics. It is not so as there are some highly elevated and holes on Earth making huge gaps on Earth. If Earth had been made of same material uniformly as a sphere that would have been equal under few circumstances.

Destiny of Earth

This is not a thing you know for sure. As you might have heard, Earth is having a journey along the space. Earth has got a perfect track until it gets crashed with another Galaxy called Andromeda one day. That will be the end of Earth unless it doesn’t meet up with other natural enemies for a clash in near future.


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