All you have for everything is your smartphone. If you don’t have a smartphone, you must have missed plenty of things. Even if you have a smartphone, if there is not enough power on your phone, you will not be able to do your things as the way you like. As an example, you will not be able to take the images with the flash light, if your battery life is almost below 10%. Here are 08 tricks that can extend your smartphone’s battery life.

Back to basics

Your screen is one of the functions that the battery level decreases the most. This has to be understood. If you have increased the duration for the auto turn off display that might be one of the reasons to run out the battery so quickly. There are plenty of solutions for this. Re-setting the sleep mode, downloading an app, and using the display-off button are few of the things that can be used. Also, you have a setting in the upper display that can enable the auto light mode. So, you will be able to save the battery from rapid battery drain over that setting.

Using an app

If you are already tired of the typical methods, this will be a nice way to go on. The way it sounds is really cool. The things you have to do is limited in this step. What you have to do is to download an app. There are plenty of apps in the appstore as well as playstore. Those apps are designed to identify your needs and they are well adapted to identify and manage the battery drain situations. They will terminate unnecessary programs and inform the things that can be done to avoid the battery drain process. Also, you can track your phones performance through those apps as well.

Use the best accessories for your work

The more you use best accessories for the work, the more you will be able to use tha battery for a longer period. This is not just a normal thing for the battery. But, common for any device that can be used. If you are not using a recommended accessory to charge your smartphone, you will have to replace the battery in a short time. Because the current has to be supplied according to the specified levels. If you don’t follow the instructions, it will cause the battery cell deaths that can direct you to have a battery with a lower amount.

Turn Off the unnecessary notifications

This is another thing that you forget. If you have activated the notifications for a particular app, the notifications will pop up necessarily and unnecessarily. It is also a thing that can drag your power to the end. You might be aware that your phone’s display turns on each and every time your phone receives a notification. What you have to do is to disable those notifications as a phone can receive about 100 notifications per day.  If you have very important apps that need to read every notification, you will be able to see them in the apps menu and turn them on easily.

GPS kills battery rapidly

This is one of the easiest way that can drain your phone’s battery. What you need to do is to turn this off in each time you see that is turned on. GPS is essential for navigation for sure. You don’t need to turn off GPS while travelling to save the battery life. If you still have that function is turned on in another occasion, you will have to see whether the app is a needed one. You might have seen that there are some apps that require GPS unnecessarily.  Those apps have to be managed properly as GPS is a thing that can expose you to the whole world.

Airplane mode is the savior

If you are almost out of battery, this is a thing you can do to save the battery in a large scale. There are some occasions that you don’t need the network connections. When you are in a place where network is not available, your mobile expend lots of its strength to find a network. What you can do is to turn on the airplane mode which can save lots of power for your future activities.

Simple Mode

This is another impressive feature that can be seen in most of the latest mobile phones. As you know, your phone is a complex device that can perform millions of micro things and thousands of macro things. There are some features that you almost don’t use. There is nothing to amaze to know that some of the features still remain unopened like forever. This simple mode feature allows you to keep the batter life like twice than the normal mode as it only contains very basic things. You can simply activate that feature in the upper menu, if your phone has that feature.


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