SteelSeries has announced the release of two of its latest Arctis 7 wireless gaming headsets, which will be released between the Xbox Series X / S and PS5. These headsets are called Arctis 7X and 7P, and the Arctis 7X headset uses black and green stripes to match the Xbox Series X / S. Also, this Arctis 7P has been given a white color to match the PlayStation 5.

Like the current Arctis 7, the 7X and 7P have 24-hour battery life, a retractable boom microphone, and a ski goggle headband for a good comfy fit. Both of these headsets can be charged using a Micro USB cable. There is a dial to increase or decrease the volume of both these headsets. Also, if you want to plug these two headsets directly, you can use a 3.5mm cable. Talking about the price of these Arctis 7X and 7P, we can buy these headsets in the market for around $ 149.99.

So how do these two headsets differ from the other Arctis 7 headsets? These two headsets are connected by a small wireless receiver, this wireless receiver is connected via USB-C. These two headsets also come with a USB-A male to USB-C female adapter. Using this adapter we can connect these two headsets to the console or other devices. This little adapter works very well for the adapter in the Arctis 7 headset.

The receiver that comes with the Arctis 7X headset comes with a toggle that can use Microsoft’s proprietary wireless protocol for the Xbox. This toggle does not come with Arctis 7P, this feature works out of the box on Arctis 7P. Both of these headsets work on PC, macOS, PlayStation consoles, Nintendo Switch, and mobile, via USB-C.


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