Apple has released their latest homepod mini at their Apple event. This homepod is almost as small as the previous homepods, but it has almost all the features of a large homepod. Also, this homepod mini comes in the market for around $ 99. If we talk about the exterior of this homepod mini we can see that it has an exterior with a fabric mesh just like the full-size HomePod, and this homepod mini comes in two colors which are black and white. There is a small display on top of this homepod mini from which you can check the Siri waveform and volume control.

Talking about the shape of this homepod mini you can see a spherical shape. This homepod mini has a main driver, two passive radiators and an acoustic waveguide. The most important thing about this homepod mini is that it has an S5 chip, which Apple says allows computational audio to change the way the S5 chip sounds 180 times per second. You can also pair two homepod minis in one place and then these two homepods will start working as stereo speakers. Apple says it will release other third-party music services later this year, including Pandora, Amazon Music and iHeartRadio.

Apple has added another new feature to this homepod mini, which is the “Intercom” feature. This intercom feature means that if several rooms have this homepod minis, you can connect it to other homepods through one homepod. These messages come around the connected iPhones, iPads, or Apple Watches. So we think this Apple HomePod mini will be very useful.


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